AA Number Three – The Man On The Bed

Man on the Bed

“Both saw that they must keep spiritually active.” Dr. Bob saw that a key element missing in his previous attempts at sobriety was service. Thanks to Bill he had already accepted the physical nature of the disease, but that didn’t keep him sober. No, there was more, for self-knowledge wasn’t enough. And faith alone wasn’t enough, he needed faith with works.

He and Bill found a good prospect, “a real corker.” The Big Book gives a good description of a Twelfth Step call. After giving the man a couple of days for the fog to lift, they then told him they had a treatment for alcoholism. They talked about THEIR drinking experiences for an hour even though he felt their efforts were wasted on him. But he certainly identified with them and the way they drank, saying, “Yes, that’s me …”

This is the first step in recovery, as the Big Book says on page 30. They were repeating Dr. Bob’s experience with Bill, and Bill’s experience with Ebby T. To paraphrase page 18:4, we are talking about ex-problem drinkers, properly armed with the facts about themselves winning the entire confidence of another alcoholic. Desperation and hopelessness are often the powerful forces which make our admission possible, but it is the identification with another alcoholic with a real answer that restores hope in a person beyond human aid. Now he’s ready to hear the solution. So join us tomorrow night as Bill and Dr. Bob describe their spiritual experience and the course of action they carried out.

Here are the pages we covered last week, 156:3 – 157:6 You can read the Big Book online at http://www.aa.org/bbonline/